FALL 2017 Schedule  Downloadable copy

About Open Sky Martial Arts Classes

Adult Aikido: All adult Aikido classes are included in adult Aikido students’ monthly fees. Attendance in the advanced Tuesday evening class  needs permission of Sensei.

Kids Aikido: All classes are appropriate for school-age kids ages 7-14. Advanced kids classes, when offered, are for students with at least orange belts and permission of the instructor. Teens are welcome to come to adult aikido classes with prior permission. Kids Aikido classes are offered during the school year, in Fall and Spring terms.

Tai Chi: Open Sky offers Tai Chi classes in 6 to 10 class sessions that focus on  basic movements and Tai Chi principles, then on learning the first form of Chen style tai chi. The Wednesday  and Sunday Tai Chi classes are for beginners new to Tai Chi; Sunday class has an emphasis on health benefits.  Sunday beginning classes are held year round. Monday classes study Laojia Yilu,  old first Chen form and push hands. Monday class by permission of the instructor.

Holidays and School Closings: Open Sky is closed on  Thanksgiving Day and the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day. Some adult classes are cancelled if there is a conflict during seminar weekends. To receive notices about weather closings and events  visit our contact page for information on joining the Open Sky mailing list and Facebook page.