Membership Dues

header_membershipdues-fwMembership at a traditional martial arts school is more than standard gym membership. Students develop a relationship with instructors and fellow students, becoming a part of a community… and that community of junior and senior training partners is what makes training possible. Membership dues are one way we contribute to maintaining that shared community of practice.

*Aikido adults and children pay a one-time $35 registration fee to join.

Adult Aikido Dues

One month:  $80
Three Months: $225 $75/mo. (Saves $15)
Six Months: $425 $70.84/mo. (Saves $55)
4-mo. Beginner special: $295 Includes uniform

Expense Sharing Couples Rate (one payment received for both)

One Month: $150 $75/person/mo. (Saves $10)
Three Month: $420 $70/person/mo. (Saves $30)
Six Month: $820 $68.34/person/mo. (Saves $80)

Children’s Aikido Dues

Children’s dues are paid by the traditional school year semester.  Enrollment is ongoing. If children join after the beginning of a term, the term is prorated. Fall dues cover a September through mid-December (3.5 months). Spring dues cover January though mid-May (4.5 months). We often have a 10-week Summer session.

PRICES Fall Semester Fee Fall Two Payment Option Winter/Spring Semester Fee Winter/Spring Two Payment Option
One class/week $199 $105/105  $225  $120/$120
Two classes/week $299 $155/$155  $349  $180/$180
Three classes/week $349 $180/$180  $399  $205/$205
Single Trial Class $15



Single trial class $15 – can be applied to semester total within 2 weeks of 1st class.

Semester in two-payment option:  Adds charge to each half. Payments are due first week of September and first week in October.

Sibling discount: Full price for the first child, $25 off semester price for each additional child in the family.

Semester rate payments are due the first week of the new semester.

Tai Chi Dues

10 classes: $100

Tai Chi for Health Sundays weekly: 5 class card good for 2 months- $62.50

Dues Etiquette

Dues are due on the first week of the month. Dues paid after the 7th day of the month will incur a late fee of $10. Dues can be mailed or dropped off at the Hillsborough dojo address. Leaves of absence should be arranged in advance with the chief instructor.

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